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What is the fresh air system?

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1. What is the fresh air system? Divided into several categories?

      In order to pursue a healthy and quiet quality of life, a simple and practical system was introduced in Europe in 70 years ago. 90% of the buildings in their buildings have been installed. Currently, the system has been widely used. Application, this is the central fresh air system. 


Fresh air systems can be broadly classified into the following categories:

      Semi-mechanical negative pressure fresh air system (one-way), full mechanical fresh air system (two-way), multi-point mechanical positive pressure air supply system, etc.

Semi-mechanical negative pressure fresh air system


The semi-mechanical negative pressure fresh air system is also called the one-way fresh air system in the industry. It exhausts the air through the fan, causing negative pressure inside the room, and drives the outdoor air to slowly flow into the room through the air inlet of the living room, living room, bedroom, etc., dirty. The air is discharged to the outside through the exhaust vents of the bathroom, etc., to achieve the purpose of changing the indoor air quality. Features: The duct and power are the least, simple, efficient, comfortable, economical, easy to clean, no secondary pollution. Suitable for families, small office buildings, apartments, hotel rooms, hospital wards.

Full mechanical fresh air system

      The all-machine fresh air system is called the two-way fresh air system in the industry. It is divided into two cases: an energy-saving all-machine fresh air system with cold and heat exchange, which can recover 70% of the heat.

Another fully mechanical fresh air system without cold and heat exchange. There are power and pipelines at the air inlet and exhaust vents, and air and exhaust air are sent to the room through machinery and pipes, and the air exchange volume is large. Suitable for public places, where people gather.

Multi-point mechanical positive pressure air supply system

      The whole system has only the air inlet, and only the fan is installed at the air inlet, forcibly blowing air into the house, forming a positive pressure, and the flow of the dirty air is not considered, forcing the dirty air to be discharged from the window slit, the door seam, and the like.

Second, what are the characteristics of the fresh air system:

Energy saving

      The ultra-low-energy power system, with an operating power of 28W-70W, consumes only 0.7 kWh per day, minimizing operating costs. At the same time, ventilation and ventilation do not need to open the window, avoiding the energy loss of winter heating and summer air conditioning and cooling, so that your daily expenses are greatly reduced.

Health and Environmental Protection

      365 days a year, 24 hours a day, constantly provide fresh air to the room, and discharge harmful gases and various bacteria, viruses and odors out of the room, while eliminating water vapor, to avoid mold and moisture on walls and furniture, and to maintain indoor air health forever.

Quiet and comfortable

      The system runs at only 26.4 decibels without the noise of opening the window, so you can enjoy a quiet and comfortable living space!

Sanitary dust

      It completely avoids the air impurities and dust brought by the window opening, helping you to save the cumbersome sanitation work, so that you have more time to enjoy life, entertainment and rest!

Efficient and stable

      The system uses the most advanced production technology in Europe to ensure a continuous and uninterrupted service life of 15 years. You don't have to worry about frequent fault maintenance and repeated investment in the later period!


Third, why do you need a fresh air system?

1 Many decoration materials and furniture will emit harmful substances.

2 Carbon dioxide and water vapor are generated all the time in daily life.

3 When the ventilation is insufficient, the humidity in the air increases, and Guo Peng learns to warm up. The volatilization of harmful substances is more serious, and various molds are quietly breeding.

4 hot summer when we are sitting in a closed air-conditioned room, the air will gather more and more harmful gases, mold

5 If the window is ventilated, dust, pollution, and noise will drive straight in!


4. What can the fresh air system do for the health of the family?

1 Eliminate the odor and water vapor in the bathroom and kitchen at any time.

2 You can enjoy the fresh air of nature without opening the window.

3 Avoid "air conditioning diseases" that are widely discussed in society.

4 Prevent the mold of the furniture in the room.

5 Eliminate harmful gases from the interior for a long time after the interior decoration, and bring high quality fresh air necessary to maintain your health.

5. Can the air volume of the fresh air system be controlled?

Yes, humanized adjustment function to achieve a comfortable environment:

1 By manually or automatically adjusting the speed of the fan, you can quantitatively control the total ventilation of the entire house.

2 By adjusting the opening degree of the exhaust vents, it is ensured that reasonable air pressure is achieved at different positions in the room to ensure the amount of air exchange in the room.

3 The opening degree of the air inlet device can be adjusted at will, and the air intake amount of each room is separately controlled to meet the needs of different room use functions.

6. What are the advantages of the ventilation system?

1) Organized ventilation

2) Continuous ventilation for 24 hours

3) Quantitative design

4) Multi-link free adjustment

5) Low power consumption and low noise

6) Reduce outdoor pollution and enter indoors

7) Isolate outdoor noise

8) The system is simple and has few pipes

What are the shortcomings of the traditional ventilation system?

Open window

1 airflow blind, random airflow may bring the smell of bathroom and kitchen into the living room and bedroom;

2 entraining a large amount of dust, affecting indoor cleanliness;

3 can not avoid noise;

4 A large amount of energy is wasted when using heat sources and cold sources;

5 bathroom shafts may produce odor "backflow" phenomenon.

exhaust fan

1 The instantaneous exhaust air volume is large, and the indoor odor cannot be continuously excluded;

2 is easy to damage, and the maintenance cost increases in the later period;

3 When using time, when not in use, it is not possible to continuously ventilate and ventilate;

4 louder;

5 When there is no fresh air introduction, the exhaust resistance increases and the effect is not good.

Small home central air conditioner

      There is a return air outlet but it cannot exchange with the outdoor air; there is no exhaust air, so the fresh air is difficult to feed in the positive pressure area; the slightly fresh air can not completely improve the indoor air quality, and the dirty air cannot be quickly discharged outside.

 Eight, fresh air system design principles:

The quality of indoor air directly affects people's health. The advanced central fresh air system is designed according to the three principles.

● Principle 1: Fresh air enters from the living room, bedroom, etc. in the clean air area, and is discharged from the dirty place. Such as bathroom, toilet and kitchen.

● Principle 2: To meet the amount of fresh air required for daily work and rest, and to achieve energy saving at the same time.

● Principle 3: Continuous ventilation throughout the day, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The central fresh air system saves fresh air and creates a fresh and clean living environment. In addition to energy conservation, environmental protection, safety and humanity.

Nine, the characteristics of centrifugal duct fans:

1 The air inlet and outlet of the fan are the same size, and can be hoisted coaxially with the ventilation duct. The straight air supply mode is adopted, and the installation space is small.

2The fan is equipped with the outer rotor motor imported from Europe. It is small in size and adopts fully enclosed structure. The motor bearing is oil-bearing bearing, maintenance-free, the insulation grade of the motor reaches F grade, the motor has speed regulation function, and the motor speed can be 0-100. % stepless speed regulation.

3The fan shell is made of galvanized steel sheet material with high strength and oxidation resistance. It is equipped with mounting flange and coupling clamp for quick connection.

4The fan impeller is a centrifugal impeller with high wind pressure and long air supply distance. It is accurately checked by computer for dynamic and static balance. The fan runs smoothly, without vibration, and the fan noise is low.

5 The raw materials of the fan are all imported, and passed the European CB quality testing standard.

What does the ten-and-semi-mechanical negative pressure fresh air system mean?

      The fresh air system uses a semi-mechanical negative pressure fresh air system. That is, the fan is ventilated to the outside to generate a negative pressure in the room, and the outdoor air is slowly flowed into the room through the air inlet without mechanical ventilation. This fresh air system is the most compact, efficient and comfortable system for residential use.

What are the advantages of the semi-mechanical negative pressure system?

Compared with the full-mechanical fresh air system or the multi-point mechanical air supply positive pressure system, the inlet air of the residential negative pressure fresh air system will not only be subject to secondary pollution in the pipeline, but also has low noise and low operating cost. It can also avoid the infiltration of indoor water and gas into the wall and furniture under the positive pressure system, causing the emission of mold and harmful gases.

12. What are the advantages of the fresh air system and the tropical recycling system?

      The fresh air system has no heat recovery, but the advantage is that the system is very simple and the exhaust ducts are minimized. The air does not pass through the pipeline, which not only saves space, but also has low cost, and does not cause secondary pollution and noise caused by mechanical and pipeline air supply. The system with heat recovery has the advantage of saving energy and recovering 70% of the heat.

13. What is the difference between the fresh air system and the central air conditioner?

      Although the central air conditioner is equipped with a return air outlet, it cannot exchange with the outdoor air; there is no exhaust air, so the fresh air is difficult to feed in the positive pressure region. Slightly fresh air does not completely improve air quality, and dirty air cannot be quickly discharged outside.

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