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[China Refrigeration Exhibition] Warmth in April,.

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       The theme of this year's exhibition is “Quality and Efficiency, Balanced Development, and I will not forget the original intention and create the future together”.

       Founded in 1987, China Refrigeration Exhibition, after 30 years of unremitting efforts by the organizers, with the support of relevant government departments and the active participation of industry colleagues, with the rapid development of China's refrigeration and air-conditioning industry, China Refrigeration Exhibition has developed into a global One of the three major professional exhibitions in the refrigeration and air-conditioning HVAC industry. The development of China Refrigeration Exhibition from small to large, from large to strong, condenses the efforts of the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry, carrying the common vision of all industry colleagues. In the future, China Refrigeration Exhibition will continue to promote the core value of the refrigeration and air-conditioning HVAC industry, create an international and diversified industry exchange platform, provide a full range of services for exhibitors and visitors, and upgrade the development of China's refrigeration and air-conditioning HVAC industry. Make a positive contribution.


This exhibition booth renderings

       April 9-11 China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) Address: Booth C26, Hall W4, 88, Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu District, Shunyi District, Beijing

       Nanyang heart, there is a way to do things, and see the future! We are dedicated, dedicated, professional, and have been in the field of ventilation for 30 years, adapting to the times and changing the times. Continuous optimization, research and development, development, just to give you the comfort of nature! Fresh air, new vitality! Warm in April, we are ready to go. A visual, controllable, and humane future has come quietly!

       Create what you want, set sail from the "new", as scheduled. Nanyang Youwei will present an effective solution for the integrated commercial ventilation fresh air system at the China Refrigeration Exhibition. Learn about our quality at zero distance and feel the charm of the new style in all directions. This exhibition presents Nanyang's promising fresh air system products, ventilation and ventilation products, air curtain machine products, etc. There will be more than 5 new products, and we will meet you for the first time!